About Visa

A visa is permission or authority granted by Australia for foreign nationals to travel to Australia. All travellers, except New Zealand citizens, must obtain a visa before travelling to Australia. A visa may be a stamp or label in a passport, or - for some travellers - can be an electronic record authorising travel into Australia. The regulations in Australia pertaining to visas in Australia requires much thoroughness.

Business people For people planning travel to undertake business
Employer nomination For Australian companies wanting to recruit staff
Events, conferences Help for visitors, and for organisations planning events within Australia
Medical treatment For people planning medical or hospital treatment
Regional Australia programs Opportunities to work outside the major cities
Staying permanently If you want to remain in Australia
Study For students or trainees from overseas
Tourism Visas for many travellers
Transit passengers For those making a short stop-over
Sponsored visitors For visitors with a family or business sponsor
Working in Australia Visa options for those wanting to work
Working holiday makers Work/travel visas for young visitors or backpackers

All temporary visas are issued with conditions, for instance conditions restricting employment or requiring minimum attendance for the course enrolled. All conditions listed on the visa must be observed and complied, or there would be a real risk that the visa may be cancelled and the holder with required to leave Australia.

There are a substantial number of visa applications and appeals cases in Australia that have failed on various grounds, such as non-compliance with conditions or failure to provide adequate reasons. Therefore, it is essential to seek specialist advice on visa applications and appeals to avoid any risk of failure resulting from inexperience or lack of legal knowledge.

Why Us

Chi Fat International has more than 10 years of experience in visa applications, visa revocations, cancellations and extension. Our in-house consultants, including legal representatives and migration agents, have handled countless visa cases over the years. We are professional competent and especially experienced in immigration laws thus enabling us to assist our clients in relation to visa procedures and processes.

Our Visa Services

Chi Fat International advises clients on visa matters, assisting each client through the application process, provides advice to clients regarding immigration laws, and handles correspondence with the Immigration Department and other governing bodies directly.

Our visa services include:

· visa applications (Student, Visitor, Work Permit etc)
· visa cancellation or revocation appeals
· appeals to MRT, RRT, ART and courts

Our consultants guide each client through the entire process. We help our clients to apply for visas; prepare the necessary documents for our clients; and assist our clients with hearings and appeals.

If you would like to receive any information regarding visa matters through our firm, please feel free to browse through our website, or do not hesitate to visit our offices.

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