Success Stories

We wish to congratulate all our customers who have got their PR or education placement through us. We have worked hard to provide our customers with the best service. Below is a list of true feedback that we consolidated from some of our customers.

Jae Hee Song, 33 Female, Korea

" I am very thankful that Chifat International did a great job... However, during the PR application process, I heard one of my friend who was contracted with another lawyer had PR one month faster than me and paid lesser. I was abit unhappy then. But its ok now. Other than that, everything was good."

Date Posted: 02 Sep 2003

Chan Ka Kee, 21 Male, Hong Kong

" The services are quite good. The staffs are very nice. People there are very polite. They have helped me to solve my case! Excellent!

Date Posted: 20 Aug 2003

Xiaolin An, 22 Female, China

" I got my School offer so quickly...very effective work. Thanks.

Date Posted: 13 Aug 2003

Gerald Sim, 23 Male, Malaysia

" This company is very efficient in their work. The staffs are really professional and know what they are doing. I would think that clients should have appointments to see the solicitors in order to save time. Feedback from the company has been immediate and at satisfactory level."

Date Posted: 7 Aug 2003

Penny Lim, 27 Female, Singapore

" We appreciate receiving the straight forward and genuine advice although it may not always be good news.

Everyone is very friendly and help is easily obtained over the phone. It would be great to make an appointment before any meeting as Peter is always busy.

Overall, we've had a great experience."

Date Posted: 7 Aug 2003

Howard Chua, 26 Male, Malaysia

" This is my fifth time asking Peter for help; 2 times for my student visa, 2 times for my Uni and TAFE and this time for my PR. Chi Fat really helped me alot and fixed all the problem I have.

I don't think there is any problem that Chi Fat cannot handle. Everything is effective. I'll be back if I have any problems."

Date Posted: 4 Aug 2003

Keith Leong, 22 Male, Hong Kong

" Substantial help on migration information provided. Rapid response in all procedures. Excellent advise in all processes."

Date Posted: 03 Aug 2003

Jessica Yew Chia Yee, 21 Female, Malaysia

" I would recommend Chi Fat International to families and friends as its services are reliable and fast. I have saved a lot of effort and time by applying a student visa through Chi Fat International. All the staffs are friendly and extremely helpful."

Date Posted: 1 Aug 2003

Jiaosha Wang, 22 Female, China

" Thankyou Chifat International for helping me to find a university of my choice in Australia."

Date Posted: 27 July 2003

Michael Li, 23 Male, China

" As an internatinal student, I chose Chifat International as my migration/education agent. Over the past few years, they have provided me with lots of help and things worked out well. Thanks alot Chifat International."

Date Posted: 26 July 2003

Rose Lalson, 26 Female, IRAN

" I believed I made the right move from the start. I am very satisfied with the services provided by Chifat International and wishes to express my gratitude to Peter Ma and Lewis Ma (my migration agent) for their professional services. I also believed that the service provided by Chi Fat was very well organised.

I would definitely recommend Chi Fat International as a migration or education agent to any of my friends who might also go through the same situation as I did. All the best to Peter and Lewis with other clients."

Date Posted: 25 July 2003

Jenny Rusli, 20 Female, Indonesia

" I applied for PR in March 2003. Chi Fat has provided a useful feedback and was helpful throughout the process. They tried to solve the problems and any doubts were clarified. Overall, they have provided a good service.

Date Posted: 25 July 2003

Nattaya Prapaipanich, 20 Female, THAILAND

" I Feel that Chi Fat International can give me the confidence to apply for Monash University. You're very helpful. Thankyou very much."

P.S. Eventhough I am not in Melbourne, they can help me and phone me in Thailand!"

Date Posted: 23 July 2003

Peng Chen, 23 Male, China

" I am an overseas student studying in University of Ballarat, Bachelor of Commerce. I came to Chifat Internatinal for student visa problem. My agent is Mr. Peter Ma and he is a very kind person. He was very helpful everytime I came here. He helped me to get my visa back and transfer to the university.

Other staffs are friendly and kind as well. Smile is always on their face and they are all very hardworking. Good."

Date Posted: 7 July 2003

Irene Kwok, Female, HONG KONG

" Good and Professional attitude. More reliable than expected. Strongly recommend to everyone."

Date Posted: 11 Jun 2003

Yuan Li, 19 Female, China

" Very quick for everything."

Date Posted: 06 Jun 2003

Yafa Zheng, 19 Male, China

" The officers are friendly and patient. They are really helpful and if you ask them anything about visa problems, they will tell you everything you need to know."

Date Posted: 10 Aug 2003

Billy Lei, 22 Male, CHINA

" Chifat International is a very good helper. Since 1998 when I came to Australia, I had a problem with student visa and Chi Fat helped me out. I recommended Chi Fat to my friends and relatives and all of them were satisfied with the service. Now, I am asking them for help again!"

Date Posted: 27 May 2003

Ma Kai Ying, 26 Male, Hong Kong

" I want to get my PR as soon as possible and I hope nothing happens again. I am glad that they are trying the best that they can."

Date Posted: 10 May 2003

An Jung Eun, 26 Female, SOUTH KOREA

" My experience with Chi Fat was great. This agent works fast and brilliant. Most important of all, the services provided by this agent will give you confidence. I believe that I could save my money and time through this agent for getting an Australian PR."

Date Posted: 02 May 2003

Wong Sze King, 22 Female, Hong Kong

" So far so good. Not very happy with the final stage (police record from Hong Kong) - abit slow and confused. Otherwise, overall is good."

Date Posted: 20 Apr 2003

Rtta Arianti, 27 Female, Indonesia

" Their experience is good. Great help from the staff and I appreciate for all the help until I got my PR. So far, nothing to add. Thankyou very much for the help."

Date Posted: 14 Aug 2003

Sang-Ah Park, 27 Female, SOUTH KOREA

" Thank You so much for helping me to obtain PR. I am very happy that I have finnaly got PR through you and your friendly staffs. I would strongly recommend this company to my friends because I had such a good and fast service from you."

Date Posted: 8 Apr 2003

Terence Loo, 26 Male, Singapore

" Timely response. Effective. In my opinion, the agency is a definite recommendation to future applicants."

Date Posted: 10 Aug 2003

Tang Long, 21 Male, CHINA

" Chi Fat International has been very helpful to me. In the beginning of this year, I had a serious problem with my visa. Until my friend introduce CHIFAT to me, I almost lost all my hope. After giving me lots of advice, they finally helped me to solve my problem. Thank You Chi Fat."

Date Posted: 5 Apr 2003

Kenny Yeung, 23 Male, Hong Kong

" I heard about Chifat from my friend. They have great migration and education services for student."

Date Posted: 27 Mar 2003

Tjoekhawa Kartika, 30 Female, Indonesia

" I heard about Chi Fat Internatinal from the advertisement in RMIT. They gave me many advise relating to Visa. It was good because I didn't know anything at all. I felt that I was well looked after."

Date Posted: 24 Mar 2003

Ronald Pramana, 25 Male, Indonesia

" Good services from Chifat Staff. Free consultation and quick results."

Date Posted: 18 Mar 2003

" We make Your Dreams Come true."