The Point Test

Australia Immigration Department has a strict point system for people who wants to migrate to Australia. For your convenience, we provide a free online point assesment system for you.This test is just a rough gauge of your chances. For General Migration, You need to get above 115 points to be able to qualify for PR. Whether you qualify or not, we advise you to speak to us as there may be some parts that you may have overlooked. You may wish to refer to the skill list for the skill set criteria.

Skill Set


English Language

Specific Work Experience
(At least 3 yrs)

Occupation in Demand/Job Offer

Australian Qualifications

Spouse Skills


Bonus Score

Total Score


" Australia is a land full of Opportunities."

" People lives in harmony."

" Australia is full of surprises."

" Meet people from different cultures."

" It has many beautiful cities."