Migrating to Australia

Australia is the land of immigration. Since the 18th century more than 9 million people, comprising of Europeans, Chinese, African and every other race imaginable on earth have settled on its shores in Australia. Under various Australian government schemes they arrived initially by boat, then planes.

The current Australian Immigration Scheme is governed by the Migration Act (Cth) 1958. Since its inception, many amendments have been introduced, triggering many changes in law, regulation, policies, application forms, and fees. To add to the complexity of the scheme, it includes many streams of visa class and subclasses, such that when the law changes, the change has a far reaching effect on some or all visa classes.

The Australian government imposes a migration program figure every year (that is the number of migrants allowed every year) and the current migration program is in the region of 100,000 to 110,000 (Source: DIMIA).

Australian immigration law allows for hundreds of subclass of visas. Immigration law itself is usually subject to substantial change each year, while visa application forms, as well as application charges usually change every six months. So while nine million people have successfully migrated to Australia since 1788, it remains true that many others have tried and failed. Because Australian immigration law is complex and fast-changing, it is crucial to seek expert advice in our immigration matters.

Why Us

It is vital that people intending to migrate to Australia receive the best-quality advice and assistance that will lead to the success of their applications. Chi Fat International has been involved in immigration consulting services for over a decade. We are proud to present ourselves as experts in advising clients on all aspects of immigration to Australia, and assisting clients in navigating the country’s complex immigration rules.

Chi Fat International conducts each case in accordance with immigration legal principles and procedural requirements which critically determine the outcome of each application. Our consultants possess sufficient expertise and a minimum of 10 years experience in immigration advisory services.

We have adequately resourced ourselves by subscribing to a library of comprehensive law materials to assist in providing the best service for our clients. All changes in immigration policies and rules are constantly updated, thus enabling us to provide accurate, current and reliable advice to our clients.

Our Migration Services

Once retained for its immigration services, Chi Fat International will, at the preliminary stage, carefully evaluate each client’s situation, expectations and needs before advising the option that will bring about an optimal outcome. Our consultants will then professionally prepare the appropriate application forms and all necessary documents to be lodged with the Immigration Department and other relevant bodies. During the application process, we correspond directly with the Department of Immigration. We offer a range of migration services, providing help and advice in:

· General Skilled Migration (Suitable for an Australian Graduates and other overseas Skilled people)
· Business Skilled Migration (Suitable for business owners and investors)
· Family Migration (Suitable for people with Australian families)
· Special Eligibility Migration

Mostly importantly, what defines our excellence is again our belief in the commitment to quality and dedication to clients. In regard to complex immigration issues, we understand that our clients want solutions, rather than legal technicalities. We always keep in mind that every effort we make must produce the optimal possible outcome for clients according to their unique immigration needs and expectations. In advising clients, our consistent and over riding aims are to be professional, proactive and responsive to ensure that each client’s objectives are met within the legal framework, and each case runs smoothly and in accordance with our clients’ best interests.

If you would like to receive further information regarding migration to Australia through the professional assistance of our firm, please feel free to browse through our website, or do not hesitate to visit our offices.

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