General Skilled Migration

The skill stream of Australia's migration program targets people who are highly skilled, are under 45 years of age, and who will quickly make a contribution to the Australian economy.

To make a valid application, applicants or their spouses must be able to satisfy a number of basic requirements. If you are not able to satisfy these basic requirements, you should not continue with a general skilled migration application. To apply for migration, you need to select the appropriate visa. There are twelve visa subclasses for general skilled migration. These are organised into three categories:

· Offshore general skilled - for applicants generally outside Australia;
· Onshore general skilled - for overseas students currently studying in Australia;
· Onshore New Zealand citizen - for NZ citizens currently in Australia.

Within these three categories, there are the following types of visas:

· Independent - for those who meet the basic requirements and do not have a sponsor, or who choose not to be sponsored or nominated by a State or Territory government;
· Skill matching - for those wanting to be involved in the skill matching process and who are seeking to be nominated by a State or Territory government or an employer;
· Designated area sponsored - for those who have a sponsor and an assurer. The sponsor must live in a designated area, and you must be related to your sponsor;
· Australian sponsored - for those who have a sponsor and an assurer, but the sponsor lives outside a designated area. You must be related to your sponsor.

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