Education Questions

Q1. Why didn't the company charge me for my university placement?

Answer: We do get commission from the school by assisting you in the application process.

Q2. Which course or university can I apply?

Answer: Based on your results.

Q3. How many different faculties or course can I apply in a university?

Answer: Up to three choices.

Q4. Which course can I do if I want to apply PR?

Answer: Hairdressing, commercial cookery and certain tradesman courses have high points for PR application. You have to check with the immigration department of Australia as it changes every year. Please call us if you have doubt.

Q5. What is Medibank? Is it compulsory for every student? How much should I pay?

Answer: It is the Insurance for health cover. Yes. it Ranges from A$295 to A$315.

Q6. Why didn't the company charge me for my university placement?

Answer: W do get commission from the school by helping to apply for admission to the school.

Q7. When is the enrolment date for university?

Answer: Depends on which course and institution you are applying. Most starts early and mid of the year.

Q8. How should I pay my fees? Is there any scholarship or loan that I can get? Where are the accommodations and who can I contact for accommodation?

Answer: You can give us a bank cheque addressed to the institution you are applying and we will send it for you. Yes, you are eligible to apply for scholarships and loans but conditions applied. Please talk to our consultant in regards to accommodation services.

Q9. Any consultation fees?

Answer: No.

Q10. What documents do I need to provide?

Answer: Original or certified passport, academic transcript and certificates.

Q11. Will you give me any student visa advice as well, if my visa will expire soon? Can you help me to apply my student visa?

Answer: Yes. Please call or come down personally to our office. We will be most happy to help you.

Q12. I am in overseas at the moment, can you help me to apply for University/TAFE?

Answer: Yes. Just send us the relevant documents and we will do the rest. (See question 10)

Q13. What are the requirements for the admission into Australia institution?

Answer: Depends on which institution and what course you are applying. Most requires certain standard of IELTS score. (See question 14)

Q14. What is the IELTS? What is the English requirement for the applicant? Can I try it again if the result of IELTS is not satisfied?

Answer: IELTS stands for International English Testing Systems. Students from China needs a minimum points of 5.0. Generally, Diploma courses requires a minimum of 5.5, Bachelor courses a minimum of 6.0 and Master courses a minimum of 6.5. Yes, you can try again.

Q15. Can I working in Australia?

Answer: Yes but have to apply work permit. You can work up to 20 hours per week.

Q16. Can I extend my stay in Australia? How?

Answer: Yes. Apply visitor visa.

Q17. I have no idea which school is suitable for me, so what should I do?

Answer: Talk to our consultant. We know the strength and weaknesses of different institutions in Australia and we can give you the best advice.

Migration Questions

Q1. Why should I use a Migration Agent as opposed to submitting an application myself?

Answer: As there are currently over 150 different sub classes of visa, a Migration Agent will ensure your application is submitted under the category which will offer you the best opportunity of a successful outcome, once your eligibility has been assessed. Unless you know the rules inside out, we advise people to go through us for a safer route because any application fees involved with the immigration department is non-refundable. We have seen many cases...

Q2. Why choose a Migration Agent in Australia in preference to an Agent based in my Country of residence?

Answer: All practising Migration Agents in Australia have to be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Registration can only be gained if the Agent has passed the MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) examinations, participates in the continuing professional development program, and is of good character, also the agent has to abide by the strict Code of Conduct set down by the Migration Agents Registration Authority, (MARA).
You can also be assured that a registered Migration Agent will receive all the latest information and changes to the Australian Migration Law as advised by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. In many other countries there are no registration requirements for migration agents.

Q3. What points do I need to be eligible and approved for PR?

Answer: For independent and Australian sponsored categories (Class 136 & 138), it is 115 points while for Regional sponsor (Class 139) there is no need to satisfy points requirements.

Q4. What points do I need to be eligible and approved for PR?

Answer: For independent and Australian sponsored categories (Class 136 & 138), it is 115 points while for Regional sponsor (Class 139) there is no need to satisfy points requirements.

Q5. How long does it take for my application to be processed?

Answer: If you are applying onshore, the average period of time would be 4-6 months but if apply offshore, the average time would be 9-12 months.

Q6. Can I work while applying for PR?

Answer: Yes. You may need to apply for the relevant visa though.

Q7. Do I have to be in Australia while applying for PR or do I have to be in my home country?

Answer: It depends on whether you are applying onshore or offshore. Either way is possible.

Q8. Who can be my sponsor?

Answer: Relatives.

Q9. Who can be my assurer? What relationship must they have with me for then to be eligible for assurer?

Answer: Anyone. No requirement is needed.

Q10. If I am not eligible, what other ways can go about applying for PR?

Answer: AUD100,000 investment, NATI translation test or do a Master course to get extra 5 bonus points. Another alternative is to get married. For further enquiries, please talk to our consultant.

Q11. Who can be my sponsor?

Answer: Relatives.

Q12. How much for the consultation?

Answer: Free. Why? We want to make sure that you will get the PR once the application is lodged.

Q13. I will graduate on next month, can I apply for PR?

Answer: Yes. Should get all documents ready.

Q14. Do I get extra points if I apply together with my girlfriend or boyfriend?

Answer: Yes, but both of you must be staying together.

Q15. How much will I be charged if I apply through your company?

Answer: The fees will be on an acceptable level and based on case by case basis depending on the level of complication. Contact us for more details.

Q16. Can I get my payment refunded if the application is rejected?

Answer: Yes. You will be refunded fully except the application fee with the immigration department which is non-refundable.

Q17. What documentation should I provide for my migration application?

Answer: You will be advised. The whole process can be quite complicated and any missing documents will result in approval delay or any other complications.

Q18. If I applied for the PR before (unsuccessful) can I apply it again now?

Answer: Yes.

" Call Us for further assistance."