Our History

Chi Fat International was established in 1980 in Macau. It was initially started as a trading, publishing and retail company. In early 90s, it expanded into providing education, immigration consulting and course delivery services. Subsequently, a branch office was opened in Melbourne, Australia, and more recently, in Hong Kong and Singapore, with the objective of providing a unique service to students who wish to further their education overseas, and clients who want to migrate to Australia.

Our Values

Commitment to quality

The foremost value we adhere to is commitment to quality - the quality of our services, our employees, and the environment we create for them. Quality is the guiding principle that inspires Chi Fat International to be the best service provider in the field of education and migration services. We always ensure that the services we deliver are consistently of the highest quality.

Dedication to clients

The second underlying value is dedication to clients. We are totally committed to serving our clients. Consultants and experts at Chi Fat International are proactive in seeking to understand each client’s situation, expectation and needs, so that the best professional solution or service can be provided. Clients at Chi Fat International are never one-off customers; rather they are our drivers to success and improvement. We care about the progress of every case and value feedback from every client. Guided by this principle, we have been successful in maintaining relationships with clients based on responsibility, trust, mutual respect and integrity.

Our Service

Chi Fat International represents a large number of educational institutions (universities, TAFE colleges, high schools) in Australia. The solid agency relationships have been established on the basis of the organisation’s thirteen-year experience in providing education and visa services. Chi Fat International is always at the leading edge in assisting both current and prospective students in relation to a variety of matters including school applications, visa applications, visa cancellations and revocation appeals.

The migration regulatory environment in Australia is constantly subjected to legislative and regulation changes. Migration laws regulate how people apply to migrate to Australia, but the complexity and changing nature of the legislative machinery places substantial obstacles in the way of potential applicants, especially those lacking necessary migration knowledge and experience. With our in-house solicitors and migration agents, Chi Fat International has the professional capacity to conduct migration cases in accordance with relevant legal principles, and is therefore able to identify and resolve potential legal difficulties that may arise in relation to each individual case.

Chi Fat International has been engaged in the field of migration and consultation service for more than a decade. Over the years, it has assisted numerous individuals, families and businesses to migrate to Australia. If retained for its immigration services, Chi Fat International will professionally take care of every stage and aspect of a client’s migration matter by advising on migration decisions, assisting each client through the application process, giving legal advice to clients regarding migration laws, and directly handling correspondence with the Department of Immigration and other involved bodies.

Our E-learning Programme

In addition to its education advisory services, Chi Fat International has also established itself as a provider of e-learning education programmes. These programmes have been prepared by specialist academics and IT professionals, and are offered to students as a computer-based learning scheme. The core of the e-learning course is a comprehensive online IELTS preparation course designed for students wishing to undertake either the academic or general IELTS testing programmes. The scheme has been prepared in a way that provides students with easy access to an effective and efficient learning method from the comfort and convenience of their home or office. Thus, students who may not have access to classroom-based learning are able, nevertheless, to participate in the online teaching scheme of the highest quality provided by our organization.

" We make Your Dreams Come true."